BOD and Executive Management

Board of Directors

Mohamed Farid Fouad Khamis Founder; Non-Executive Board Member

Mr. Khamis is the founder and former chairman of the Oriental Weavers Group, one of the world’s largest carpet, rug and related raw materials producers and distributors. In addition to being a prolific entrepreneur, Mr. Khamis possesses over 20 years experience in the banking and imports/export sectors. His success in business is matched by his endeavors in social welfare and his commitment to charitable institutions. He currently chairs the board of trustees at the British University in Egypt, and heads a number of charities and foundations.
Mr. Khamis holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Ein Shams University, and an honorary doctorate from Loughborough University in England.

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Salah Abdel Aziz Abdel Motalab Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Abdel Motalab joined Oriental Weavers in 1997 after serving in the armed forces where he held high level administrative positions. Over the course of his 15 years with Oriental Weavers Mr. Motalab has held numerous top-tier planning and administrative positions such as heading the projects and contracts department and subsequently the planning department. As Head of Planning, Mr. Motalab spearheaded Oriental Weavers’ expansion program and he continues to do so in his current position as Chairman and CEO of the company.

Yasmine Mohamed Farid Khamis Executive Board Member

Throughout her extensive career in marketing, Ms. Khamis has held numerous executive positions within the Oriental Weavers Group, serving as board member and director in a number of the group’s subsidiaries.
After completing her bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications at the American University in Cairo, Ms. Khamis went on to study color theory and design at the prestigious Pratt Institute in New York City. She also studied accounting and fiber materials at the University of North Carolina.

Farida Mohamed Farid Khamis Executive Board Member

Ms. Khamis serves as Deputy Chairman for Financing at Oriental Weavers, bringing with her many of experience in investor relations. She also serves as an executive board member for a number of Oriental Weavers subsidiaries.
Ms. Khamis holds a bachelors degree in Business Administration from the American University in Cairo. She subsequently completed training sessions at Citibank in New York and EFG Hermes. Ms. Khamis is a member of the Young President’s Organization (YPO) and has participated in the organization on both regional and international levels.

Mohamed Mahmoud Fawzi Khamis Executive Board Member

Mr. Khamis serves as Deputy Chairman for Financing and Domestic Sales at Oriental Weavers. His 16 years of experience with the company have seen the extensive development of Oriental Weavers’ domestic distribution network, leading to a marked increase in the company’s domestic market share.
He is a graduate of the Textile Technology program of the University of North Carolina, where he also focused on operations management and domestic sales.

Amr Mahmoud Fawzy Khamis Executive Board Member

Mr. Khamis serves as Deputy Chairman for Operations and Production at Oriental Weavers. During his long career with the company, Mr. Khamis has been instrumental in growing and developing the operations of Oriental Weavers, as he was intricately involved in supply chain and production management, in addition to his involvement in planning, sales and marketing activities.
Mr. Khamis joined Oriental Weavers after receiving his degree in Textile Technology from the University of North Carolina.

Mahmoud Amin Saad Executive Board Member

With over 25 years experience in exports at Oriental Weavers, Mr. Amin serves as the head of the Exports Division at the company. In his capacity as division head, Mr. Amin, oversaw the company’s expansion in export markets from one to over 100, by strengthening the transportation and distribution infrastructure throughout the group’s diverse footprint. Mr. Amin has also been heavily involved in product development and marketing, as evident in his work at the Domotex Exhibition. His contribution also extends to developing financial systems within the company, as well as training and talent development, shipping and logistics.
Prior to joining Oriental Weavers, Mr. Amin held numerous high level administrative positions as an officer in the Egyptian Armed Forces from 1966-1982.

Mohamed Katary Abdullah Executive Board Member

Mr. Abdullah serves as the director of finance at Oriental Weavers, coming into the position after 30 years of financial management experience within the company. In his capacity as one of the leading fiduciary officers of the company, his contribution in securing the company’s financial position while helping transform the company into one of Egypt’s leading corporations cannot be understated.

Alaa ElDeen Mahmoud Shehata CEO of MAC
Mohamed Mohamed Ali Amer Non Executive Board Member

Prior to joining Oriental Weavers Group as Deputy Chairman in 1997, Mr. Amer worked extensively in the domestic and international banking sector for 35 years. He received his Bachelors of Commerce and Bank Management degree from Ein Shams University, and his Master’s degree in Finance from Cairo University.

Mahmoud Fawzy Fouad Khamis Non Executive Board Member
Wadouda Abd El Rahman Badran Non Executive Board Member
Maha Bint Ahmed Bin Hassan Fitaihi Non Executive Board Member

Ms. Maha A. Hassan Fitaihi joined the board of Oriental Weavers in 2013. Ms. Fitaihi, the owner of El-Jada Holding Company and its subsidiaries, sits on board of several Saudi Arabian and Egyptian companies, including the Saudi Fitaihi Holding Group, the Egypt-based ARACEMCO and International Medical Center. Ms Fitaihi holds a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from King Abdel Aziz University in Jeddah.

Misr Life Insurane Non-Executive Board Member
Misr Insurance Holding Company Non Executive Board Member
Mohamed Mohamed Farid Fouad Khamis Non Executive Board Member
El Sayed Moaatassem Rashed Non Executive Board Member

Executive Management

Salah Abdel Aziz Abdel Motalab Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Yasmine Mohamed Farid Khamis Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Farida Mohamed Farid Khamis Vice President of Corporate Finance
Mohamed Mahmoud Fawzy Khamis Vice President of Local Sales
Amr Mahmoud Fawzy Khamis Vice President of Manufacturing and Operations
Mahmoud Amin Saad Director of International Operations
Madani Hozaien Group Chief Financial Officer
Mohamed Katary Abdullah Director of Financial Affairs
Alaa ElDeen Mahmoud Shehata CEO of MAC
Radwa Mostafa Kamel Group Treasury and Budgeting Manager
Ingy El Diwany Investor Relations Manager
Shehta Farouk Group Financial Controller